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From Concept

to Product

For 30 years, the leaders behind Hunt Utilities Group have been turning innovative concepts into useful products through experimentation, engineering, and fabrication. We are inventors and designers, with the skilled people and high-tech tools needed to get the job done. 

If you're looking for a way to turn your idea into reality, call us. Our focus is to promote ideas that bring resilience to individuals and communities; including energy conservation, water security, environmental and nutritional awareness, sustainable farms and gardens, and more. If your idea fits within our mission, we could become a team in making it happen. 


Engineering Solutions for:


- highly-efficient buildings;
- water processing;
- data acquisition;
- measuring, metering, and control.

INNOVATION. We can build the box & think outside of it.
A highly-skilled team of creative thinkers, anchored in the fundamentals of their trades.

ENGINEERING DESIGN. Chemical/Electronic/Mechanical
From ideas on the whiteboard to detailed blueprints, we engineer all aspects of a product.

FABRICATION. Metal / Plastics / Wood
Our shop is fully equipped for building and testing the product and the container to put it in. 

INTERNET / DIGITAL. HUGnet puts the brains in the product.
HUGnet engineers create the software and hardware for digital control and monitoring.

A Variety of Skills and Talents


The talent is widespread on our research team and our supporting group of skilled professionals, who provide the engineering, product fabrication, and computer technology necessary to innovate as we go.

Ryan Hunt - R&D Shop Manager
Paul Hunt - Founder / Chief Scientist
Simon Goble - Shop Engineer/Utility Developer
Mike Brower - R&D Project Coordinator 
Scott Price - IT Manager / Electrical Engineer
Jeff Liesmaki - Associate Electrical Engineer

Jake Brower - R&D Fab Tech & Maintenance Assistant

The Tools of Our Trade

• CAD, 3-D Modeling, Computer-Aided Mfg.

• Precision 3-Axis Milling Machine

• Computerized 2-Axis Routing Table

• Metal Lathing and Milling

• General Fabrication Tools (Metals, Plastic, Wood)

• Circuit Board Design

• Firmware & Software / Web Integration

• Chemistry/Physics/Electronics Laboratory

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