Paul Hunt

Founder of HUG and HDT

Chief Scientist/Inventor

ext. 201


Ryan Hunt

HUG & RPM President

ext. 217


Mike Brower

R&D Project Coordinator

ext. 218


Wayne Fjerstad

Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

ext. 227

Hunt Utilities Group

2331 Dancing Wind Rd SW

Pine River, MN 56474

Phone: 218-587-5001

Fax: 218-587-5002

Here are contacts for Happy Dancing Turtle.



Lynn Hunt

Founder of HUG and HDT

ext. 202


Cindy Liane



Bob McLean

HDT Principal Executive Officer

ext. 203


Tammy Bargy

Manager of Administration

ext. 215

Janis Redfield
Human Resources Manager

ext. 215

Colin McLain
Marketing Coordinator

ext. 220


Kathy Hoefs
Operations Coordinator & Admin Assistant

ext. 206


Christopher Glassmann

Campus Chef/Food Utilization Specialist

ext. 205


Billings and Invoices


Erika O'Brien
Sr. Bookkeeper / Office Coordinator

ext. 207


Shirlee Anderson
Bookkeeping/Office Assistant

ext. 210


Simon Goble

Shop Engineer / Utility Developer

ext. 226

​​HUGnet & IT


Scott Price P.E.

IT Manager & Electrical Engineer

ext. 204


Jeff Liesmaki

Associate Electrical Engineer

ext. 209

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