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Here are contacts for Happy Dancing Turtle.

Hunt Utilities Group

2331 Dancing Wind Rd SW

Pine River, MN 56474

Phone: 218-587-5001

Fax: 218-587-5002



Paul Hunt

Founder of HUG and HDT

Chief Scientist/Inventor

Ryan Hunt

HUG & RPM President

Mike Brower

R&D Project Coordinator



Lynn Hunt

Founder of HUG and HDT


Cindy Liane



Tammy Bargy

Manager of Administration

Colin McLain
Marketing Coordinator


Christopher Glassmann

Campus Chef/Food Utilization Specialist


Billings and Invoices


Erika O'Brien
Sr. Bookkeeper / Office Coordinator

Simon Goble

Shop Engineer / Utility Developer

Jake Brower
R&D Technician

Damon Billington


​​HUGnet & IT


Scott Price P.E.

IT Manager & Electrical Engineer

Jeff Liesmaki

Associate Electrical Engineer

Product Marketing & Sales

Bruce Domino

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Randy Noordmans

Technical Sales/Support HUG Hydronics

Tony Giamonna
Business Development Manager

Joe O'Leary

Outside Sales Development

Sales Inquiries

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