A novel hydronic distribution system, ideal for heated floors.

Simplification and Safety

This novel system eliminates expansion tanks, bubble removers, pressure regulators, fill valves, drain valves, temperature and pressure safety valves, zone valves, manifold valves, and manifolds.

It also eliminates most pipe joints and complications & failure rates that go with all those components.

Key Features:

  • Simple and understandable

  • Compact, tough, (and good looking)

  • Easy installation and repair, replace any part without tools.

  • Safe to work with; No water pressure and low voltage

  • The Control Board includes a Purge function for each pump to simplify start-up operation.

  • Easily works with up to 3 heat sources such as electric, gas, solar, wood

  • Up to 4 thermostats (4 zones)

  • Any pipe loop can be assigned to any thermostat by simply moving a jumper.

  • Comes with a heavy duty power supply

  • Can optionally be powered from a 12 volt battery if desire.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

  • Quick Install! Using Only Basic Tools. 

  • High Quality Silicon Hoses Simply Attach to Pipes and Pumps

  • Fewer Valves Means Fewer Headaches. Virtually No Water Pressure, Nearly Eliminates Risk of Leaks

  • Many Diagnostic Lights Help You Understand Your System

  • The System Protects Itself From Low Water or Excessive Tank Temperatures. 

Overall Specs

Pump Specs

Power Supply Specs

HUG's Holey Hose Holder

We found that when installing multiple lines through our Hyrdonics Tank, that hoses were bound to be uncooperative. We knew we could fix that. In comes HUG's Triple H, the Holey Hose Holder.

Key Features:

  • Lines up with Tank Hydronics System

  • Feed and Return Labels

  • Pre-numbered in Easy to Read Font

  • Numerous Mounting Options

  • Comes With 20 Rotatable Tubing Guides

  • Clean Edge for Concrete Finishing

H4 Concrete Display
H4 Guides


HUGnet software originated


Number of sensors deployed on campus.


Number of records from 644,000,000 readings. 


Temperature sensitivity of HUGnet in Celsius.


Campus buildings monitored using HUGnet.
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