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Battery Coach

Batteries in banks are like players on a dysfunctional team; they fight amongst themselves and gang up on weaker players, causing the whole team to falter. Battery banks need a coach that can determine the limits and capabilities of players and guide each one to do their best for the team. The Battery Coach monitors, maintains, and protects each battery in the bank, resulting in a stronger, more resilient team. With a Battery Coach you no longer have to be an expert to maximize the performance and longevity of your batteries.

Batteries need a Coach.

Batteries in banks are like players on a team, but they are a team without a coach. They fight amongst themselves and gang up on the weaker players; this causes batteries in banks to fail earlier than they should. Batteries need a good coach. They would thrive in an environment where each battery is allowed to help as much as it can, while not being forced to over exert itself. A Battery Coach knows the potential of each of its players and helps them do their best for the team. A Battery Coach knows when a battery is injured and needs to be taken off the field, and can also sense if a battery needs rehabilitation, either from an injury or just daily wear and tear.


In this environment the system becomes more reliable and more productive because all batteries, old and new, big and small, remain useful and at their best. Each individual battery constantly gets tested so the system knows its real capacity, rather than a theoretical projection, and at any time new batteries can be added to the team, smoothly and effortlessly increasing capacity.